Bernd Schtange: Belarus national team to compete for second position in group


Belarus national football team will compete for the second position in the 6th group of the selection tour of the World Cup 2010. The chief manager of the national team Bernd Schtange made the announcement in an interview with the First national channel. According to him, Belarusians had no chance to defeat England national team (1:3). Schtange thinks that no other team can do it. “We are not strong enough as well as Croatia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. That is why we will compete for the second position in the group”, - said  Bernd Schtange.

Let us remind you that England is the leader of our group having 12 points after 4 matches. Croatia (4 matches) and Ukraine (3 matches) have 7 points each. Belarus has 3 points after three matches. Kazakhstan team has the same number of points after 4 matches. Andorra is the group’s outsider having no points at all after four matches.