Belarusians expect prices to grow, fear to take loans

Belarusians have high inflation fears, with only 20.5% reckoning the growth of prices will be slower in the next year that it is now. The majority believes that inflation will speed up or at least remain at the same level as today, according to the data from the National Bank's poll returns.

The two thirds of respondents are confident they should now refrain from shopping big. About the same number of respondents fear to take new large loans. The two thirds prefer to keep their savings in US dollars - not in Belarusian currency - rubles (BYN).

The poll covered 2000 respondents — men and women aged 18+.

The yearly inflation has increased in Belarus now at the level of 6.2%. The price of foodstufs has grown the most (by 7.1%). All other goods have become more expensive by 4.3%. The consumption prices for services have grown 6.9%.