Belarusian olives come from Spain in pickle


Photos of Belarusian products that cannot be grown in Belarus have started appearing after Russia’s import ban. There were Belarusian mussels at first. Now it’s olives ‘grown in Spain and processed with love in Belarus’.

People started joking about the Belarusian olives as well as about mussels. The Belarusian MFA defended the mussels and Euroradio has tried to defend the Belarusian olives.

"Olives are mostly grown in Spain and this is no secret,” Brest enterprise Vastego commented. “There are also Egyptian olives and Spanish olives are better so we buy them there.”

The olives are processed in Brest. They come in pickle but they are still raw.

"This is temporary storage pickle. They are not ready, they are raw and we finish the production here in Brest. This is production, we do not simply pack them.”

Cherry tomatoes and pineapples are also produced at the enterprise. They are bought in Europe. The production of olives is a real technological process, the enterprise representatives explained.

"Olives come in pickle. We have a whole production line for olives. The oxidation is preformed here.”

The olives are sold in Russia and Belarus. Interestingly, the production line was launched in 2013 when nobody knew about the ban imposed on the import of European goods in Russia.