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Belarusian ‘monstration’: more posters than participants


A monstration was organized in the Park of Peoples’ Friendship in Bangalore Square, Minsk on March 6 “For the cancellation of all bans and for the ban of cancellation."  It was organized by volunteers from the human rights centre Viasna. It was the first Belarusian action organized by means of application. 

Seven people took part in the monstration. They were holding posters with the inscriptions “Little pot, stop cooking!”, “Workers of all countries, quit!”, “It has never happened before and now it has happened again”, “Thank you for nothing”, “Oh, that’s enough”, “Freedom (feminine gender)”, etc.

There were more posters than participants, forcing the picketers to be switching posters. 

“The Monstration” is a mass demonstration with absurd mottoes invented in Russia. Its founder Artyom Loskutov was a Euroradio’s guest. The Belarusian activists did not contact the Russian founders of “The Monstration” and just borrowed the idea.

Больш важных навінаў у праграме "Петарда" 06.03: