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Belarusian artist stages exhibition on moving Minsk metro train

Euroradio images

Belarusian free artist Sergei Savich on 15 November exhibited 15 of his paintings inside a moving metro car. He was assisted by 15 people, with Minsk bloggers and musicians Vlad Bakei, Artur Kakora and Egor Kipah spotted among others. Savich and friends chose this form to showcase contemporary underground art to Minskers in a place where one can expect it the least.

"Getting the paintings underground is like art intruding the city's space. It is about taking it beyond the workshops and galleries, giving the paintings a breath of fresh air, and giving people a breath of art. It is our next small step towards the global one. Who else if not us!" the artist explained to Euroradio. 

The Minskers who were riding on this blue line train were pleasantly surprised. The picture "A Girl with A Sheep" was sold right in the moving train car for BYN100 ($50), yet there had been no deliberate plan to sell the paintings.

Sergei Savich is 33. He was born in Zodzina. Sergei has painted since childhood but did not last long in a local art school - he had no desire and will for academic classes. He longed for free schedule and themes. He has developed his own skill through trial and error, had his paintings exhibited in the Y Gallery. They can be purchased through a VKontakte group.