Belarus - Slovakia - 3:4


The Belarusian national team has played an important match against Slovakia at the World Hockey Championship in Moscow today. If our team won it could get to the quarter-final.
Slovak hockey players scored the first goal in the majority. Hara did it during the 12th minute. But Alyksey Uharau tied 4 minutes later. The score was 1:1 when the first period ended.

Slovaks took the lead at the beginning of the second period – 3:1. Haboryk scored goals during the 23rd and 25th minutes.

But Aleh Antoneka scored a goal during the 34th minute – 2:3. Then Kanstantsin Kaltsou tied suddenly – 3:3. This score remained till the end of the second period.

An intense struggle started in the third period. Belarusians had a lot of opportunities to score a goal but failed to do it. During the last minute Belarusians made their goalkeeper join them in the attack to score a goal but not only failed to do it but missed a puck in their empty goal — 3:4.