Belarus to pay record $320K to Paralympics star Ihar Boki in prize money

Paralympic athlete Ihar Boki will receive from the state $320 thousand - a record prize payment in the history of Belarus. In Rio, the swimmer improved his London 2012 achievements by grabbing six golds and one bronze medal. He also renewed two world records and 6 Paralymics records.

The Belarus government pays the following honoraria to medal winners: $50 thousand for gold: $30 thousand - for silver and $20 thousand for bronze. The medalists also are entitled to presidential stipends. Ihar Boki will get $50 thousand for each of his six golden medals and $20 thousand for the bronze.

The prize money for healthy athletes at Olympic Games are much higher: $150 thousand for gold, $75 thousand for silver and $50 thousand for bronze.

Belarus finished the Rio Paralympics in the 19th place with 10 medals, including 7 medals from Ihar Boki. Two more gold medals came from swimmer Uladzimir Izotau and fencer on a wheelchair Andrei Pranevich. Spike thrower Aliaksandr Tryputs won bronze.