Belarus parliament's ad hoc session to set presidential election date?


The chair of the Central Election Commission explained that the date of the election is a compromise. The decision is taken not just by the parliament as opinons of the members of the government and other influential officials are taken into account. 

"The required technical period to prepare the elections is three months. It is not expedient to extend this period for a longer term. I think that if we talk about the elections on November 15, we are naturally talking about an ad hoc session of the parliament in the summer," BELTA quotes the Central Election Commission chair as saying. 

Yarmoshyna reminded that the presidential election should take place not later than two months before the current term of the president in office expires. It means no later than November 20, 2015. However, since the date falls on Fridya, the election should be held no later than November 15. It will be the last Sunday of the month that still fits the terms stipulated by Belarus laws.