Belarus nationals rob legendary Soviet spy


The Hero of the Soviet Union, Nikolay Kuznetsov, 86 has received back his decorations which were stolen in the city of Pestovo, Novgorod region of Russia. The legendary Soviet spy was robbed by Belarus and Ukraine nationals who were reportedly hired by an unidentified collectioner from the Baltic states, reports the Russiann state TV.

During the WWII, Nikolay Kuznetsov infiltrated the German military intelligence where he eventually gained confidence for having completed numerous successul missions in the Red Army's rear.

The data supplied by Kuznetsov helped the Soviet counter-intelligence to bust many German paratroopers and saboteurs on the Soviet territory.

Kuznetsov was robbed in September, when a young man who introduced himself as a student from Moscow asked him to display his parade uniform with decorations. The "student" grabbed the jacket and ran off outdoors to a vehicle waiting for him nearby.

The unidentified perpetrator returned the stolen decorations after Russian journalists posted an appeal in the internet, asking to find the medals.