Belarus man seeks to change name for Jesus Christ


The Baranavichy-based newspaper Zarya reports that Belarusians have lately increasingly sought to change not only their last names as was the case previously but also their first and father's names. Those willing to do so usually fall within the ages group between 16-30 years old. 13 such cases were registered in Brest last year against only four cases this year so far.
Tacciana Semianyukа, head of Сivil Registry Office at Brest City Hall, said applications for name changes are rarely rejected. She recalled just two examples when a young man was seeking to take the name of a famous hacker. He claimed he was as highly professional as the hacker, but Civil Registry Office rejected his application on those grounds. 

The second case popped up again for the second consequtive year in Baranavichy, where a local man seeks to change his first and father's name to Jesus Christ. Sviatlana Valynets, head of Civil Registry Office at Baranavichy City Hall, says his application gets rejected every time. The man was recognized as disabled by a recent court ruling, she said.