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Belarus to launch new online sports channel. No commentators


A new sports online channel titled Belarus 5. Internet will launched on 1 October at the Belarus State TV and Radio website. The press office of the state TV and radio broadcasting company describes it as a "fully fledged" online channel with a scheduled programming. The channel will feature the broadcasts and programs that did not make it into the Belarus 5 TV channel's schedule, for example: KHL matches, tennis matches, UEFA Champions League and Europa League games, English Premer League matches.

The internet channel will have no commentators - only live noise from the stadium. Sport forums in Belarus are full of criticism directed at Belarusian sport commentators. This problem is admitted even by Belarus 5 director Pavel Bulatski. With the new channel available, fans will be able to watch sport event without switching the sound off.

Belarus 5 describes the project as a present to itself to mark 5 years in operation.