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Belarus’ import of Russian oil products drops 100 times


Belarus imported only 3.6 thousand tons of oil products from Russia in January 2019, the TV channel Belsat refers to the National Statistic Committee. More than 350 thousand tons was imported in January 2018 – 100 times more.

A new balance of mutual supplies of oil and oil products is the reason for the decrease. Petrol, diesel oil and black oil are no longer included in the supplies. Russia has accused Belarus of re-exporting Russian oil products many times. That is why Moscow has decided to refuse from the supplies of oil products to Belarus.

The import of Russian oil reached 1.55 million tons in January. It is 0.5% less than a year ago. The cost of the imported oil has already decreased – $529 million (89% of the January 2018 index).

The Belarusian export of oil products has decreased to 1 million tons – by 13.8%. The cost of the exported products has also decreased – to $482.4 million (by 14.9%).  Belarus exported most of its oil products to Great Britain, the Netherlands and Ukraine.

The volume of the Belarusian oil export has not changed – 138 thousand tons. However, the gain has decreased by 13.4% – to 58.13 million dollars.