Belarus demands from Russia to pay in dollars for supplied milk

Belarus has communicated to the Russian Ministry of Agriculture a projected target of milk and dairy products supplies in 2015, reports the Russian newspaper Izvestia. Belarusian producers have put US dollars on the price tags of their dairy products calculated at the exchange rate of 43 Russian rubles per US dollar. Russian dairy traders report that Belarus' Ministry of Agriculture and Food priced its dairy products in dollars already on December 3. However, payments are still being made ion Russian rubles.

According to the communicated supplies target, Belarus plans to supply 956 000 tons of milk and dairy products in 2015 - an increase against 772 tons in 2014. Belarus forecasts the price of $712.8 per ton. In 2014, the ton cost $621.3 per ton. It means the price tage for Belarusian milk in Russia will be at least 10 percent higher in 2015.