Belarus 53rd in world life quality index

Беларусь заняла 53-е месца ў свеце па якасці жыцця
An illustrative photo from open sources.

Belarus occupies the 53rd place in the world in the Life Quality Index released annually by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

The ranking factors in such indicators as life expectancy, the level of education and income. Belarus scored 0.808 points out of maximum 1) among 189 countries.

Norways tops the ranking with 0.953 points, followed by Switzerland with 0.944 in the second place and Australia with 0.939 n the third. Ireland and Germany are No 4 and 5, correspondingly.

Other countries in the top 10 are Iceland, Hong Kong, Sweden, Singapour and the Netherlands.

Estonia is ranked the highest among the post-Soviet countries in the 30th place with 0.871. Poland is No 33, Lithuania - 35, Latvia - 41, Russia - 49 and Ukraine in the 88th place.

Niger is at the bottom (189), reports Nasha Niva.