Belarus' 30-day visa-free program to become effective on 27 July

Photo: Fotolia

President Lukashenka's Decree No 295 extending the visa waiver for foreign visitors from 5 to 30 days has been officially published on the National Legal Information Portal. Belarusian Foreign Ministry told Euroradio the new edict will become effective on 27 July. The decree amends the document adopted in January 2017 introducing the 5-day visa-free period. Under the new document, 6 countries have been removed from the list of 80 countries to which this edict applies - Argentina, Honduras, Hong Kong, Macau and the Order of Malta. Euroradio reported earlier the list does not contain the countries, which have in place the bilateral agreements with Belarus on visa-free travel.

To be eligible for this 30-day visa waiver, foreigners must arrive and exit via the Minsk international airport. The edict does not apply to those traveling to and from Belarus via the airports in the Russian Federation.