BATE manager calm over fixing ahead of Anderlecht game


The press office of UEFA, Europe's football body, has denounced reports in several media that it is ivestigating the result of the match between Anderlecht Brussels and Belarusian FC BATE from Borisov. Belarusians obtained a surprise victory in Brussels 2:1. BATE managers have asked UEFA to clear up the pressue on the Belarusian team.

Bulgarian newspaper Novinar was the first to allege the match-fixing. It wrote that bookmakers in Europe was receiving a lot of bets for Anderlecht to win 2-0 in the away second leg of the European Champions qualifying round. According to the newspaper, UEFA allegedly threatened to disqualify the both sides if the fixing is to be proved. However, Pressball newspaper called the press office of UEFA which said they had no suspicions or threats against the clubs.

BATE said the side disregard the fixing allegation and will be ready for an important encounter