Bastunets: Sacked information minister associated with attacks on media


The Belarusian President has sacked Aleh Pralyaskouski from the position of the Minister of Information today. The official took the position in 2009.

Pralyaskouski will be remembered for persecuting mass media, Bastunets said:

Bastunets: “He sued and wanted to close Narodnaya Volya and Nasha Niva. Autoradio and the publishing house Lohvinau were closed down. The usual distribution problems the independent mass media face should also be mentioned.”

Bastunets could not recall anything positive about Pralyaskouski’s work. However, it is not connected with the Minister’s personality. It is connected with the activities of the Ministry of Information itself – it fulfills ideological functions in the mass media sector.

Aleh Pralyaskouski’s photo: