Authorities refuse to remove Lenin monument from central square after petition

Lenin monument in Barysau

Barysau authorities have declined the petition to remove the Lenin monument from the central square. The document was signed by 935 people but their critical remarks ‘are unfounded and are a personal opinion’, officials replied.

Response to the petition

"Our petition has been signed by almost 1000 people. It means that this is not one person’s opinion,” Young Front activists assure. “Many people wrote that the monument had to be removed from the central square so that citizens could decide what to install there.”

The officials’ response is ‘a mere formal reply’, they believe. The activists are going to appeal the decision in Minsk Region Executive Committee and even in court if it yields no result. “We think that it should be done so that our future petitions do not lead to formal replies. They should be founded at least,” the authors of the petition added.

Lenin monument in Barysau /

The monument to Lenin was installed in Barysau in 1986. It was made by well-known Belarusian sculptor Anatol Kureichyk. This work of art is monumental and ‘is a historical monument of our country whose history can be interpreted in different ways’, officials explained their refusal.

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