Barbed wire added on Minsk-Moscow friendship mural (photo)

Barbed wire has been added as a new element on the propagandist graffiti Moscow-Minsk in Vulica Mahilouskaja 32 in Minsk. The flowers in the boy's hands and the wreath on the girl's head now contain skillfully interjected thorns. The photo of the 'update' was published on social media by the Signal project.

The work on the 'additions' to the mural was carried out in the first half of Sunday, October 23. Although people were passing nearby, nobody paid attention to a man wearing an overall and painting something on the mural from a lift, Euroradio has learned.

The author told Euroradio via the Signal project that the graffiti now made at least some sense:

"Saving it? Something dead already cannot die. But it worked out to add some meaning to this."

The graffiti dedicated to friendship between Minsk and Moscow was unveiled last summer amid the waves of criticism from Minskers.