Baidachny: BATE no longer lucky, Dynamo Minsk lacks experience


BATE lost to Porto 0:6 in the group stage of the Champions League and Minsk Dynama lost to PAOK in Greece – 1:6.

"BATE had more interesting players in the past,” Anatol Baidachny told Euroradio. “The football players were younger… They were lucky to some extent. Now this luck has disappeared! It was a real game… You can understand Dynama’s loss – they have never played in group stages before. They lack experience.”

One of the main reasons for the losses is the low level of football development in our country, Baidachny thinks. It cannot be compared to Greece and Portugal. Belarusian football players’ qualification is noticeably lower. They are not ready to play both at the national championship and European Cups at the same time, they get psychologically and physically exhausted.

Dynama does not even have ‘a long bench’. It was difficult to expect to win in Greece after losing to Salihorsk Shahtsyor at home 1:4. However, Baidachny is optimistic.

Baidachny: "I do not think that there will be such losses in the future. The first shock needs to wear off. Then the teams will start playing in a different way… They will mobilize all their resources to play better at home.”

BATE will play with Spanish Athletic on September 30 and Minsk Dynama – with Italian Fiorentina on October 2.