Passports confiscated from hunger-strikers in Babruisk


The fired workers came to the City Executive Committee to continue their hunger strike. No officials came out to talk to them. The police arrived instead.

"The police interfered. We were giving an interview and they said that we did not have the right to do it and confiscated our passports,” Mikalai Zhybul told Euroradio.

The police suggested that the fired workers came to the police office in their own car. However, they got lost and are trying to find out where they should go now to get their documents back, Mikalai Zhybul said.

Zhybul: "They told us to follow them. We got lost and we do not know where they are now. We have been left without documents in the other part of the city.”

Four members of the Free Belarusian Trade Union – Mikalai Zhybul, Aleh Shauchenka, Alyaksandr Varankin and Alyaksandr Hramyka – were fired from Babruisk Tractor Details Plant. They demand to be hired again.

The workers went on a hunger strike in the building of Babruisk City Executive Committee on November 5.Tehy decided to do it because Alyaksandr Lukashenka had not answered their open letter. They asked the Belarusian President to deal with illegal dismissals of members of the Free Belarusian Trade Union.