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Authorities remove satellite dishes from houses in central Minsk

Dishes removed in Valadarskaha Street in Minsk/ Aliaksei Karpeka, Euroradio

Municipal workers were seen in the morning hours of 23 April removing the satellite dishes from the facades of the buildings in Minsk's Valadarskaha Street. The Leninski Dsitrict hotline operators told Euroradio that the satellite dishes were being dismantled only in the city center, in the main avenues and on the historical heritage buildings.

"Dishes are being removed from the houses on the main central streets, because they are damaging the exteriors and facades and the general view of the city. First, Minsk City Administration issued the notice asking the owners to remove their satellite antennas, which had been, as a rule, installed illegally. When citizens did not show understanding, we were forced to do it for them. The measure applies only to the major streets in the city center. It does not apply to the 'sleeper' neighborhoods."

The workers dismantling the illegally installed dishes told Euroradio that it was being done as part of 'beautification' and preparations for the 2nd European Games to take place in June 2019 in Minsk. The workers stressed that they were not touching the properly installed dishes.