Anti-communist forum scheduled for Nov 3 in Minsk


The congress titled "The Future Without Communism" is scheduled to take place on November 3 in Minsk.  The committee that is organizing the congress includes Pavel Sevyarynets, the leader of the unregistered Belarusian Christian Democracy party, Ales Mikhalevich, the deputy chairman of the Party of the Belarusian Popular Front, and Igar Kuzniatsou, a historian who researches the Communism crimes in Belarus.

On November 3-5, the Belarusian authorities will host an international meeting of communist parties in Minsk.

In respond, Sevyarynets, Mikhalevich and Kuzniatsou came up with an idea to stage an anticommunist forum in Minsk in order to demonstrate to the whole world that "Belarus will not be an outpost of communist expansion in Europe".

"We want to display that the Belarusian people is part of the European civilization and a nation that suffered from the communist rule. We will never accept the dissemination of such an anti-human ideology like communism," Ales Mikhalevich told the European Radio for Belarus.

He said that various organizations, including youth groups, would gather for the congress. Foreign guests are expected as well.

The organizers are now inviting speeches about the communism crimes and drafting a resolution against staging any communist events on the territory of this country.