American lawyer Emmanuel Zeltzer’s trial to start tomorrow


A hearing of the case of an American lawyer Emmanuel Zeltzer will start on July 30. The lawyer of the detained, Dzmitry Harachka, informed about it. The trial will take place in Minsk City Court. Let us remind you that Zeltzer is accused of drug smuggling, distribution of drugs and psychotropic agents and of commercial espionage. He was detained in Minsk on March 12, 2008.

Zeltzer is in the KGB confinement cell now. There are rumours that the arrest of the lawyer is connected with the case of the late Georgian businessman Badri Patarkatsyshvili who was his client in London.

Zeltzer is a former Soviet emigrant who is an expert in the field of organized crime and money-laundering in Russia and former Soviet republics. He was the lawyer of the State Secretary of the Union State of Russia and Belarus detained in New York in 2000-2001.