American David Pollick refuses to be EHU rector?


Some staff members of the European Humanities University (located in Vilnius) told Euroradio that the likely Rector David Pollick refused to take that office. The reason being a low salary. Note that the EHU has not officially announced the results of the election of the rector. But, as BelaPAN reported earlier, it was Mr. Pollick.

The EHU administration neither confirmed nor denied to the Euroradio the refusal of the Pollick to get in charge of the EHU, but they pormised to publish the exact results of the election in hte evening. They only noted that the interim rector David Pollick is currently on vacation.

The election of the EHU rector was attended by Professor Tatstsiana Shchytsova, politician and public figure Alyaksandr Milinkevich and Acting Rector David Pollick. At the same time, one of the voters did not vote for him, as was reported earlier by Euroradio. The students did not support the American professor either. They chose Tatstsiana Shchyttsova.

Earlier, the EHU became the ground for conflict of the Senate and the administration, in which several instructors were dismissed. Among them were Maxim Zhbankou, Pavel Tserashkovich, Volha Shparaga.

David Pollick previously headed several private colleges in the United States, he is a professor of philosophy. He was acting President of the State University of New York (SUNY, Cortland office) served as president and CEO of the Chicago Institute of Art, was Acting Rector of EHU. Now he is studying Russian, but speaks no Belarusian.

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