Alexander Surikov

Russian Ambassador in Minsk Alexander Surikov at a press conference on 8 June 2018. A screen shot from the video stream.

Russian Ambassador Alexander Surikov says Russia respects Belarus' sovereign foreign policy.


The Russian ambassador in Minsk comments on reports that Russian troops ‘practiced to occupy Belarus during the West-2017 drills.

Russian Ambassador in Minsk Alexander Surikov gave a news conference in Minsk to discuss cooperation between Minsk and Moscow.

The Russian Ambassador to Belarus has reported the decrease at a press conference in Minsk today.

The two states’ inspectorates have found a solution to the problem, Alexander Surikov thinks.

Russia's ambassador in Minsk Aleksandr Surikov says Russia will strictly abide by the oil agreement with Belarus.

Russia's envoy in Minsk Alexander Surikov says Russia needs to find new manufacturers of military equipment due to the conflict in Ukraine.

Alexander Surikov has explained when Belarus will get the $2 billion credit promised by Russia.

Aliaksandr Lukashenka’s stance differs from the one of the majority of Belarusian citizens, Russian ambassador tells journalists in Minsk.