70 youth activists sign up for Kalinouski program


70 young people, including those expelled from the colleges in Belarus and activists from youth pressure groups have signed up for the Kalinouski Program. According to Ina Kulej who runs the Solidarity committee to support those repressed, the applications are being reviewed to identify whether the applicants qualify for studies at the Polish universities. Poland is expected to announce the final decision by August 1.

Ms Kulej stated that the Kalinouski program proved to be successful, because authorities "started to refrain from expelling students for political reasons, because they understand that the students have an alternative of studying at European universities.

The Kalinouski Program was founded on March 30, 2006 at the University of Warsaw by the Polish Pprime Minister and chancellors of major universities in Poland. During the first admission last July, over 200 people enrolled in the Polish universities, reports Belapan.