17:41 Belarusian liquidators send appeal to Ukrainian President

Several Belarusian Chernobyl liquidators have sent an appeal to the President of Ukraine. Alyaksandar Valchanіn, Vasіl Sіlverst and Іvan Nіkіtchanka told Vіktor Yushchenko about the life of liquidators practically deprived of any benefits.
According to them, “it became a usual thing not to see any connection between illnesses and the fact of having been in the contaminated area”. The liquidators also recalled the spreading practice of using contaminated land for agriculture in Belarus.

The Belarusians asked the Ukrainian President to mention the Chernobyl issue during the meeting with the Belarusian President, informs the web site pbnf.org.

Let us remind you that the meeting of both Presidents in Kiev is planned for March.