16:29 Youth activist charged


Zmicier Fedaruk, a youth opposition activist, was today charged with acting on behalf of an unregistered organization. The politician had to sign a pledge that he would not to leave the country. The defemdant has time till April 4 to study his caseа, which will be later transferred to court. 27 activists of the unregistered youth organization Malady Front (Youth Front) were detained on February 4 in a private apartment during the meeting of the organization's central board.

All of the detainees, apart from Fedaruk and Aleg Korban, were released. If found guilty, Fedaruk is facing a fine or an arrest for six months or imprisonment for up to two years.

It is noteworthy that Zmicier Dashkevich, an activist with the same organization, was on November 1, 2006 sentenced to one and six months in prison on the same charges of taking part in an unregistered organization.