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English may return to Minsk metro as Belarus waits for more tourists


The Ministry of Sport expects a 20% increase in the number of tourists following the Decree No 8, deputy head of the tourism department at the Ministry of Sport Vital Hrytsevich said at a news briefing in Minsk. New tourists are expected to arrive from Europe, North America and the Persian Gulf, he noted.

The Ministry of Sport is planning to improve the travelling conditions for foreign tourists in Belarus. Hrytsevich mentioned the experience gained during the Ice Hockey World Championship. English announcements may return to Minsk metro, new tourist itineraries will be created and other measures will be taken, he said.

The English language appeared in Minsk metro for the first time ever in May 2014. The Ice Hockey World Championship was being held in Minsk at that time. However, the metro refused from the practice some time later due to delays in the train schedule.

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