Lithuanian carrier to stop re-export of luxury cars to Belarus

Ferrari / pixabay

Ferrari / pixabay / pixabay

Lithuanian carrier LTG Cargo will stop re-export of luxury cars to third countries, including Belarus, starting from December 1, Railfreight reports. LTG said it would reject all requests for delivery of cars worth more than 50 thousand euros.

The decision was taken because of concerns that the cars could be shipped to Russia, which would violate EU sanctions.

LTG Cargo conducted an internal investigation and checked 447 shipments of luxury cars. It turned out that 75 of them were registered in the Russian Federation and 55 of them arrived via third countries.

LTG Cargo considers Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Georgia and Turkmenistan as countries that may be involved in this scheme. Re-exports of luxury cars from these countries spiked in 2022 when the EU imposed sanctions on Russia following its invasion of Ukraine. LTG Cargo raised concerns in February about the possible involvement of Belarus in sanctions evasion schemes.

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