40 000 foreigners visit Hrodna visa-free

40 тысяч чалавек — столькі замежнікаў прыехалі ў Гродна па “безвізе”

Hrodna welcomed a 40 000th foreign tourist who arrived in Hrodna visa-free since the start of this year - Leonas Litvinavicius, 60 from Vilnius, Lithuania, reports BELTA quoting the Sport and Tourism Department at the Hrodna Regional Administration. It was the man's first ever visit to Hrodna; he arrived as part of a touristic group. The Lithuanian was welcomed with gifts and souvenirs.

According to officials, over 40 000 foreign tourists from more than 50 countries have visited Hrodna and the Hrodna district visa-free since the beginning of 2018. Last week alone, 2600 foreigners arrived.

Guests from Poland and Lithuania are the most frequent visa-free visitors who arrive on two-day tours. Nearly a half of the visitors arrive on their own, not on group tourism packages.

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