Zyanon Paznyak calls to protect Kurapaty

Зянон Пазняк заклікае да масавай абароны Курапатаў

CCP-BPF leader Zyanon Paznyak has asked painters, sculptors and architects not to take part in the authorities’ contest for the memorial, Radio Liberty reports.


“This is a profanation of the contest and the jury is still ‘secret’,” Paznyak said.  The authorities are trying to demolish the People’s Memorial installed in the Kurapaty Tract where Stalin’s torturers killed dozens of thousands of innocent people, the discoverer of Kurapaty insists.

The authorities have suggested the idea of Kurapaty as ‘a national place of memory and reconciliation’, Zyanon Paznyak noted. “But there can be no reconciliation between murderers and victims,” the leader of the CCP-BPF said.