Zimbabweans complain about Belarusian company over pollution

Polluted Mutare River / twitter.com/PacheduZW
Polluted Mutare River / twitter.com/PacheduZW

Belarus is contributing to land degradation in the Mutasa, including contamination of the Mutare River, claims Team Pachedu, a group of Zimbabwean activists.

According to them, the Belarusian company Zim Goldfields which is mining in Zimbabwe in partnership with China's Xu Zhong Jin Investments, is endangering the lives of local people.

An appeal to Zimbabwean officials by a local affiliated with Team Pachedu states:

"They are operating just 100 meters from my home and life has become difficult for us since they started operations in February 2022. The road to my homestead is closed and now we have to walk another 6 kilometers to get home...

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