Zaika: Russia's destruction of foodstuffs will not affect Belarus

On August 6, Russia will start destroying the banned products. But the move will not affect Belarus and the Belarusian economy, said Leanid Zaika. According to the economist, the Russian authorities' actions are symbolical, and they are like "shooting on the spot, only with food."

"Belarus will not be particularly affected, unless Belarusian transit companies or front companies that are involved in this are caugh red-handed, said Mr Zaika. The decision was taken by Russia unilaterally. Would they destroy it with the help of kindergartens, schools and senior citizens? This option would not work, because in such a case there would be sanctions for these products sold by another country."

According to the economist, the situation will force many to think that the transactions are dangerous, and if you get caught, the whole turnover of the goods will be lost or destroyed.

The Russian embargo covers raw materials, agricultural products and industrial goods from countries who supported the sanctions against Russian officials and companies.