Young unemployed doctor goes on hunger strike (Photo)


A young doctor Alyaksandr Zhytkevich who worked as a dentist’s medical assistant in the village of Bychyhi, Haradok District has gone on a hunger strike today.
He has not been able to find placement since he was fired. Alyaksandr Zhytkevich is sentenced to restriction of liberty and is forbidden to continue his medical practice for having taken presents from his patients.

The doctor thinks that the case was concocted because he is a civil and political activist.

Thus, Alyaksandr Zhytkevich was an independent observer during the election campaign in 2008 and joined the BNF Party after that.

The doctor says that he has made four attempts to find any job at different agricultural enterprises of the district after he was fired – from a milker to a shepherd.  However, the situation kept repeating – directors agreed to hire him at first but then refused him even when he had an assignment of the District Employment Service.

Alyaksandr has informed that he would have to go on a hunger strike anyway because he has not had any money to buy food for a long time.