Young couple ends up in jail on wedding day


The police in the city of Mahiliou detain a young couple on suspicion of drug dealing. The bride and the groom were scheduled to wed on April 27, but having no money for the event they became methadone dealers.

This drug is normally used for medical purposes when treating heroin-addicted patients. A standard dose is 0.1-0.15 grams.

Aliaksandr Kalistratau, a police official in charge of drug-trafficking department in the city, told the European Radio for Belarus that over one month the couple managed to sell around 15 grams of methadone.

“Soon after we were tipped about their operation, we started tailing them. Eventually, the suspects were detained when trying to sell another dose. They were operating direct supplies of methadone to Mahiliou, although they are employed,” he said.

The future husband said he was responsible alone, thus making a good wedding present to his girlfriend. If everything goes well, only he is to be punished. It means they will be able to marry anyway.

Detective Yury Vasileuski told the European Radio for Belarus that the couple decided to resort to drug dealing, because they had not enough cash for the wedding event. Yet, they face up to eight years in prison for that.

“The would-be husband has already confessed to the crime. Currently, they are both being held police custody.

The young woman met with a lawyer and began testifying differently from what she used to say right after arrest. Under the Belarus laws, they face a prison term from 8 to 13 years.

Preliminary investigation lasts for two months. It means that the trial will take place in June. They explained their actions by the lack of money for their wedding rings,” Vasileuski said.

It is interesting that the couple lived and “saved” money for their wedding together with their parents in the same apartment. The European Radio for Belarus has called the young couple’s lawyer Aleg Uscinovic, who refused to elaborate on the defense of his clients, citing the interests of the defendants.

“If any information about the defense of my clients is published, the whole line of defense will cost nothing then…,” he said.

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