Yarmoshyna: Final turnout figures to be announced with preliminary results

Chairwoman of the Central Election Commission, Lidziya Yarmoshyna, said on the evening of October 11, that most likely the final turnout of the presidential elections in Belarus will be announced together with the preliminary results of the elections. It will happen at 1 o'clock in the morning.

On 6-10 October, in early voting took place 36.05% of voters. This is a record, in 2010 the figure was 23.1%, in 2006 - 31.3%.

The election was valid as early as 12:00 on October 11, when the turnout was 51.2%. And it is also a record. Vitsebsk oblast was leading with 59.8%, Minsk had 39.39%. As of 14:00 turnout was 64.90%. The leader then became the Homiel region - 73.86%, Minsk remained an outsider - 52%. At 16 o'clock it was already 74.6%. Mahiliou region had most votes - 81.11%, least of all in Minsk - 60.67%. At 18:00 hours, the turnout in the country amounted to 81.77%. The highest figures are still in the Mahiliou region - 87.48%. In Minsk, at 18:00 voted 67.07% of voters.

Photo: BELTA