Yarmoshyna: Election committee members turned backs on observers

The Central Election Commission confirmed the parliamentary election results on September 16.


The election campaign was ‘satisfactory’, CEC chairperson Lidziya Yarmoshyna said. However, she mentioned some drawbacks. For example, there is a photo showing election committee members with their backs turneds on observers thus preventing them from seeing the vote count in Slaravilenskaya constituency #115.  


“This is a direct violation of the recommendations pronounced by the Central Election Commission. The election process needs to be improved,”  BelaPAN quotes Yarmoshyna.  

The official turnout was 74.68% or 5 million 211 thousand 871 voters. About 4 thousand people took their ballot papers home. 491 thousand 965 people voted none of the above. 65 thousand 661 ballot papers were invalid.

The biggest turnout was registered in Mahilyou Region – 81.1% and the smallest one – in Minsk (62.2%).