Winner of “Eurovision” to answer questions of ERB listeners


Marija Serifovic wants to sing in a duet with Kaldun!
Right after winning at the best known European musical contest the Serbian singer Marija Serifovic went on a continental tour. She managed to visit Norway, Denmark and fly to Holland during one day. ERB managed to “catch” the singer in a Madrid hotel late at night.
— Did you expect such a success?

— Yes! Of course, I did. I believed in the song, in myself and in the composer. It wasn’t a bolt from the blue for me.

— You mother staked for you and won 45 thousand euro. Could you stake for yourself?

— No, no, no. I wasn’t that sure I would win.

— Tell us about yourself, how did you start singing and what was your way to “Eurovision”?

— I have always dreamed of becoming a musician. I was born into a musical family. My mother is a well-known Serbian folk singer and my grandparents used to sing romances. Probably that’s why I did not want to do anything else. My musical career started in Serbia. I have two albums. I have given many concerts and gone through many contests. And now this victory at “Eurovision”… I have always wanted to be a musician and now I’m proud of it all.

— Have you ever tried to get to “Eurovision” before?

— Yes, I have.

— Several days have passed since you became the best European singer. Can you tell us what the key to such a success is?

— I don’t know. Everyone has their own key to success. You should believe in yourself first of all, and I do believe in myself… Furthermore, it depends on the music you are performing. Maybe I was not similar to the others. Maybe it was the criterion that pushed people to vote for me.

— You sang in your mother tongue at “Eurovision”. Some people sing in English, others in French, still others in their native language. You sang in Serbian. First of all, why? And did it help you to win?

— I cannot say whether it influenced the results but I think it is very important to sing in your native language.

— What is your song about?

— It’s about love, but there is no happy-end. It’s not my experience and not my love-story. It a common love song… That’s it.

— The Belarusian representative’s producer was a Russian pop-star. And yours?

— I was my own producer.

— Can you tell us how much did you spend on this “Eurovision”?

— A lot of money. Tens of thousands of euro. But it was not in vain.

— Some mass media wrote that you had problems with getting a Finnish visa and had to leave the country right after the contest ended. It is true?

— This is misinformation. I do not have a Finnish visa but I have a yearly Shengen visa. So I had no problems with it.

— Who did you like best at “Eurovision”?

— That’s…hmm… Belarus, Switzerland. I liked them best.

— Did any of your rivals have a song you would like to sing yourself?

— No. None of them had a song I liked to the point I could wish to sing it.

— Did you notice the Belarusian candidate Dzmitry Kaldun?

— Sure. I think he was one of the contest’s favourites.

— Would you sing in a duet with him?

— Why not?! Why not?!

— What advice can you give to Belarusians so that they could win in Belgrade next year?

— Make good music, work with good music and do not pay much attention to the staging. It’s not that important.

— How could you comment on the rumours that you probably stole your song from an Albanian singer Sonya Malai?

— No comment.


Name and surname: Marija Serifovic
Birthdate: November 14, 1984
Birthplace: Kraguevats, Serbia
Sign of Zodiac: Scorpio
Favourite actor: Billy Zane
Favourite actress: Daryl Hannah
Favourite colour: red, white, dark-blue
Favourite number: I don’t believe in numbers

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