Wiktorin: EU eager to negotiate bilateral deals with Belarus on certain terms

Віктарын: ЕС хоча заключыць двухбаковае пагадненне з Беларуссю, але мае ўмовы

The European Union would like to negotiate with Belarus about a bilateral agreement but there are certain terms, head of the EU representative office in Belarus Andrea Wiktorin told Belarus 1 on November 27.


A huge progress was noticed in the Belarus-EU relations in the past two years, she said. Wiktorin accessed the changes. No Belarus-EU negotiations about a bilateral agreement are being conducted at the moment because the EU is waiting for Belarus  to comply with certain terms, she added.

The final decision depends on the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament, the diplomat explained. “They are asking about human rights and the death penalty,” Wiktorin said.

EU-Belarus visa regime facilitation negotiations are currently in process. A meeting of the coordination group has been held recently, the head of the EU representative office said. The group has agreed on a meeting of experts in order to discuss technical issues.