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When will coronavirus peak in Belarus?

Belarus will introduce lockdown only when doctors are not coping with the infection. / Reuters

The COVID19 epidemic is expected to reach its peak in Belarus in late April - early May 2020, Healthcare Minister Uladzimir Karanik said Thursday when talking to reporters at the House of Representatives. The minister stressed the task was set to prevent the infection from overwhelming the hospitals. This can be achieved by the isolation of those infected and their contact tracing in combination with as much as possible the number of tests. As of today, over 49 000 tests were run in Belarus.

Mr. Karanik also said that stricter measures [apparently, he meant lockdown like in the neighboring countries] would be introduced if there were signs that the healthcare system was becoming overloaded. This is not the case yet, according to the minister. 

As of the morning of 9 April, there are 1486 registered infections in Belarus. 16 people have died.

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