What is the real value of US dollar?

The European Radio for Belarus talks to web-based traders, realtors and entrepreneurs to find out the real value of the US dollar in Belarus.

On November 4, the National Bank of Belarus posted the official exchange rate as Br 2121 against the dollar. Forex bureaus sell the American currency at Br 2160. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs in Minsk make payments between themselves at Br 2150-2200 per USD, according to Anatol Shumchanka, the chairman of the board, Perspektyva union of entrepreneurs.

The similar picture can be observed at the web-based shops.

VVK e-shop: Our rate is 2170, but many other shops trade at the rate of 2200.

Realtor agency Peak Hour charges cheaper at a rate of 2135.

But this is in Minsk where there has been no shortage of American cash. The European Radio for Belarus asked Viktar Shchakouski, an entrepreneur in Brest, what it is the situation in regions.

“Dollars have become available. Yesterday, I was buying for 2160. But between entrepreneurs, the rate is at 2200, because nobody believes in stability and awaits collapse”, he said.

In Baranavichy, there is a deficit of small notes in exchange bureaus, apparently because of black market dealers who buy the dollar at a higher rate than banks (2150 against 2135), reports our correspondent Ivan Yuschyk.

The American cash is also available in Mahilyow and Vitsebsk, report our correspondents Yuras Vitalyew and Yadviga Stahseuskaya.

Vitalyeu: In Mahilyow, dollars are available. The buy rate is the same at all the banks: 2163 rubels. You can sell the American currency in the range from 2121-2135. There are few black market dealers.

Yadviga Stasheuskaya: Dollars have come back to forex bureaus, but the currency is sold quickly. It is almost impossible to buy more than $100. There are black market dealers in Vitsebsk.

It appears that the situation has stabilized and the official rate matches the real one. But entrepreneur Anatol Shumchanka warns that you should “sleep quietly” up to the New Year only. Afterwards, the exchange rate will start climbing up to 2250-2300 rubels per dollar.