Games that Lukashenka's youngest son likes to play (photo)


The Belarusian leader's youngest son Kolya studies there in the third "B" form.

The journalists of the portal took advantage of hte situation and talked to the schoolchildren about the President's son. They said that Kolya was accompanied by a bodyguard all the time, but still played with other kids, also in the school corridor. The pupils of the third "B" form say all as one that they are friends with Kolya. They call him a good boy who doesn't beat anyone. According to Kolya's classmates, they play "hot potato", "two flames" and dodgeball together.

The kids have also told that Kolya Lukashenka doesn't come to the first lesson that starts at 9, he arrives just in time for the second one. He also attends trainings in Raubichy, he trains with another coach. As for the canteen, the President's son goes there with other kids and eats the same food. However, the children say that the third "B" pupils" have prettier dishes.

There are 11 people in the class, Kolya is the 12th. There are 6 boys, Lukashenka's son is much taller than the other kids. Still, he is not the tallest - there's one boy taller than him.

A young slim dark-haired local teacher Marya Bahamolava accompanied the class to the security lesson. There is always a bodyguard besides her and Kolya. Kolya took pictures of the teacher who put on a diver's mask, with his i-phone.

Besides, the journalists were not allowed to take pictures of the class where the President's youngest son studies.

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