Volha Myantsyuk is put on probation for two years


Volha Myantsyuk has been put on probation for two years. The decision has been taken by Minsk District and Zaslauye Court. Volha Myantsyuk has been returned guilty of having allowed a drunken person to drive a car – her husband Raman Myansyuk sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment not long ago. According to the court’s decision, Volha Myantsyuk will have to pay a compensation of 2.7 million roubles to the Belarusian Ministry of Internal Affaires for having to search for her and 990 thousand roubles to the Ministry of Healthcare for the medical assistance rendered to the victims of the accident on Minsk-Miklashevichy highway. If Myantsyuk fails to pay the compensation her property will be arrested.

"Interfax" notes that the state prosecution demanded only one year of restriction of liberty for her but the court pronounced a more severe sentence. Let us remind you that Volha Myantsyuk is pregnant and is going to give birth in a month.