Vitsebsk entrepreneurs go on strike


They protest against the demands of the Customs Union Technical Rules, considering them an another attempt to drag money to the state budget, informs Radio Liberty.

The Customs Union Technical Rules prescribe that the entrepreneurs should confirm the quality of their goods documentally, including the goods imported to Belarus from Russia, although it is the united customs area.

In order to get the necessary documents, the entrepreneurs must either confirm the Russian quality certification or provide part of the goods for the technical expertise. The Vitsebsk entrepreneurs have calculated that the documents confirming correspondence to the Technical Rules will cost Br 40-70 million for each, depending on the variety of goods. The only possibility to save money is to narrow the variety of goods, which will affect the buyers' interests.

The Technical Rules were supposed to come into force back on January 1, 2013. However, it was postponed till July 1 due to the wave of disapproval. However, the entrepreneurs demand not just another delay, but reconsideration of the Rules.

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