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Naviband add violin and bagpipe to their Eurovision song's official version

Photo: Kanaplyou+Leidzik

Belarus' Eurovision 2017 entry NaviBand have recorded the contest version of their song Story of My Life. They will sing the version that includes the violin and bagpipe in Kyiv in May. The arrangement has been improved and there is a bridge at the end now. The single will be released on iTunes and on digital media on March 7.

The new arrangement was "approved" by Belarusian folk rock band Palac leader Aleh Khamenka with whom NaviBand are friend and have a jointly produced track "Plakali Vietry" (Winds Cried).

"It is symbolic to me that ten years after Palac reached Eurofest national qualification semi-finals with a song in Belarusian, Belarus will be represebnted by a song in our native tongue and pefrormed by so much talented boys and girls from NaviBand," says Khamenka.

Фота прадстаўленае мэнэджмэнтам гурта

Apart from the new arrangement, NaviBand have also launched the official logo of Belarusian delegation at Eurovision. The logo was hand painted by Belarusian designer Maryna Lis. She combined Navi's signature style and Belarusian ornament "Soil and Sun." The Belarusian delegation's official slogan is "#NaviBand from #BelarusLand". The official hashtag is #Heyheyhayayayayo


NaviBand have begun daily vocal coaching practices and working with their act director. The musicians are soon expected to visit Latvia, the Netherlands and Israel with a promotion tour.