Video:White-red-white flag removed from Stockholm arena


Members of Belarus National Memory hoisted a white-red-white flag 7 minuets before the end of Belarus-Slovenia match. The security guards attacked them and led them out. They explained their actions by the fact that the flag contradicted the safety measures. They did not say that white-red-white flags were “a political symbol’, BNM leaderAnatol Mihanvets told Euroradio. 

Members of Belarus National Memory hoisted their first white-red-white flag during the match with the Czech team. The match was broadcast live by Belaus-2 and Belarusian viewers could see that flag on TV many times during the match.   

Belarusians defeated Slovenians yesterday – 4:3. Andrei Skabelka’s team will play with Sweden today (at 9.15 p.m.)

In the photo: Belarusian National Memory supports Belarus hockey team in 2009.