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Vasil Bykau’s unknown story to be presented in Minsk


An unknown story written by Vasil Bykau (That Spring…) will be presented in Minsk. The national poet’s widow, Iryna Mihailauna Bykava, brought the manuscript to the publishing house Dzeyaslou. This is a story about a dying Hrodna KBG member who decides to tell his life story to an acquaintance in a sanatorium. He tells him about his struggle with Hrodna dissidents Alyaksei Kapyuk and Vasil Bykau.

The story published by Dzeyaslou was written in the time of perestroika when Bykau did not think about writing memoirs. Probably, the writer wanted to make the forbidden part of his Hrodna biography the basis for a future novel.


The latest issue of the magazine Dzeyaslou containing Vasill Bykau’s unknown story was presented at the award ceremony of the literary prize Golden Apostrophe, Radio Liberty reports.