Uladzimir Berazhkou leaves Belarusian Biathlon Club

Ex-CEO of HC Dynama-Minsk Uladzimir Berazhkou has finished his work in the Belarusian Biathlon Club, by.tribuna.com reports.


"I was hired by the biathlon club. My job was to open the club’s medical centre and the work has been done,” Berazhkou announced.

He thanked the biathlon federation for cooperation. The Medical Centre is ready to be opened now, Berazhkou noted.  


Berazhkou did not share his plans for the future. “I have a number of interesting offers and I am considering them now,” he said.

The ex-CEO of HC Dynama-Minsk started working for the Belarusian Biathlon Federation soon after his release. He spent 237 days in jail and was released on recognizance on April 6. The manager was accused of major misappropriation (1 billion 90 million roubles) and power abuse.

Berazhkou used to be the editor-in-chief of Pressball before working in HC Dynama-Misnk. He is not going back to journalism, he said after his release.